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A nice smile goes a long way, and some careers depend on it, but what some patients go through to get it can be damaging and counterproductive. Of course, having a perfect smile would be amazing unless that smile lasts less than 10 years. There are many ways to improve a smile, but some take too long, and some just don’t last. Looking close into cosmetic dentistry and the alternatives can allow a patient to make the proper choice on how they’d like to improve their smile’s aesthetic.

A Day in The Life of A Cosmetic Dentist In NYC

A cosmetic dentist’s work is best described as aesthetic dentistry.  The dental procedures used daily are usually ones that improve the patient’s teeth in an aesthetic manner. Cosmetic dentists spend a lot of time diagnosing and providing customers with different options that will enhance their smile. This means straightening teeth, replacing teeth with veneers, and various other adjustments to their customer’s smile. A cosmetic dentist’s primary objective is to make the customer’s teeth look nice. While they do try to make the teeth strong and healthy, it isn’t as much of a priority. If you are looking to for aesthetic dentistry NYC, we recommend checking out the Find Best Cosmetic Dentists Google+ Profile.

Risks Involved in Extreme Smile Makeovers

The disadvantage of working with a cosmetic dentist is that they are more concerned about making the teeth look great, while not always as concerned about the risks of altering a smile. The famous “extreme smile makeover” or complete alterations of smiles do in fact have risks. The cosmetic dentist’s focus is on immediate great looking smiles, but not the collateral the comes ten years down the road. The filing down of teeth, applying of veneers, and use of aesthetics can sometimes leave gums and teeth vulnerable. It is possible to get bacterial infections, root canals, and other harmful damage in the mouth. When giving an “extreme smile makeover,” the result can often be a great smile along with infections and vulnerable teeth.

The Long-Term Costs and Risks of Veneers

Something else to be wary of is the use of veneers. A very common practice is cosmetic dentistry, but it also has quite a few risks and vulnerabilities. At its best, a veneer can be custom shaped for the mouth, and last around ten years, and then get replaced. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and the veneers end up causing more harm than good. Many veneers aren’t fitted, and a “one size fits all” never works. Veneers are also made of porcelain, which is strong, but not as strong as regular teeth. They are just as vulnerable as regular teeth, except weaker and detrimental if not installed correctly. If the cosmetic dentist installs the teeth incorrectly, it can expose gums to infection and teeth to root canals. Veneers are a potential solution, but also a risky one, and can be damaging if done incorrectly.

Affordable and Safer Alternatives to Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is not the only way to improve a smile. Orthodontists are also great and improving a person’s smile. However, they are quite a bit slower at doing it. The main difference between the two is their highest priority, which for cosmetic dentists is appearance, and for orthodontists is structure and health. The main advantage that cosmetic dentists have is their ability to make teeth look perfect fast. Orthodontists cannot make teeth look as perfect as quick, but their work does last much longer. Orthodontists also take much longer to make a smile look better, while a cosmetic dentist can do it in a shorter period of time. 

The Concept of Smilorexia

There are some cases where a patient visits a cosmetic dentist due to a self-conscious idea that their teeth aren’t perfect. However, these patients suffer from Smilorexia. It is a condition that causes them to think their smile will always be imperfect. It is a condition similar to obsessive compulsive disorder, and any gap is either two big or two small. All their teeth are either too big or too large. The issue is that there are many cosmetic dentists who are willing to take advantage of this. This vulnerability can drive a patient into butchering their mouth into oblivion and living in utter misery.


Improving a smile can improve a career, first impression, or daily life in general. The pressures in NYC are just more than any other city with the standards being high and non-stop work stress. Having nice teeth can boost confidence, that is if the mouth is not in too much pain. It is no secret that some cosmetic dentists can do more harm than good. Orthodontists are a potential alternative but aren’t always as fast. Ensuring that a cosmetic dentist is trustworthy is important. It may be the difference between a full ten-year smile, or one that breaks down in three years.

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