Alternative Treatments In Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is a multidisciplinary component of total facial aesthetics. Creating an optimal smile requires the integration of all discipline in dentistry. Enhancement in dental materials and techniques for using these materials have enabled dentists an extra means of artistic expression.


  • First of all, dentistry has evolved over time. Furthermore, the concept of aesthetics is incorporated into daily practice to get a functional restoration that fills the aesthetic requirements of the patient and the dentist.
  • It should be noted that today, the general public is virtually saturated with information through television documentaries, radio interviews, and articles in magazines related to whitening, composite resins, crowns, implants, orthodontics, orthographic surgery, plastic surgery and reconstructive. Aesthetic dentistry is undoubtedly oriented toward new frontiers of materials and techniques. And check out god is a woman cover.




  • When the patient complains that he has ugly teeth, the dentist must inquire whether it is a problem of shape or color, but if the issue is color, whitening is the most conservative treatment of choice. Most of all, the cosmetic dentist must simultaneously maintain the effectiveness and safety of whitening. The dentist needs to constantly educate the public about treatment options. especially relevant, it is necessary to consult the dentist before beginning a process of whitening at home.

Aesthetic Adjustment

  • Re-contouring the natural tooth and achieve an illusion of straightening is a fast, cheap, and durable painless procedure, that the patient appreciates.
  • The aesthetic re-contouring is the simple process through which the coronal tooth surface wears to change its shape, position, long, contour or proximal relations with neighboring teeth and provides a noticeable enhancement to the patient’s smile.
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Ceramic Veneers

  • Adhesive dentistry has provided great opportunities for dentists to achieve aesthetic restorations, reduce dental hypersensitivity, preserve tooth structure and create more pleasant smiles. Improving the aesthetic quality of this type of veneers continues to be a challenge for dentistry. Yet, cosmetic dentists New York NY have developed new materials and techniques to achieve harmonious restoration. As a result, life expectancy and aesthetics of this restoration exceed that of resin restorations.

Ceramics Cast On Metal

  • This type of restoration is successfully used and has been over the past forty years. Because the achievement of aesthetics is problematic. However, there are dark shadows that is observed in the tissues next to the restoration. Therefore, the use of alloys of high gold content to minimize this problem is effective. In conclusion, the proper restoration of fused ceramic restorations on metal can be aesthetic.
  • Most dentists use this because they are aesthetically acceptable, more resistant, and more durable. As a result, the laboratories are familiar with their preparation because it is excellent in implant prostheses. As a result, it constitutes to be an excellent solution in cases of stained teeth.
  • For selective dentistry methods, please read our next post.



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